July Corn Chart

Corn prices are trending lower off of the highs that were posted on Monday and for the second day in a row corn price are finding support at the 40-day moving average.

Todays close at 7.78 is about a dime above last week’s lows, if we don’t get supportive news early next week that 7.59 would be the next target from a downside objective.

If we get friendly news this week’s high at 8.10 would be the next objective.

July Corn Chart

Corn prices trading lower today, breaking below trend line support shown by the blue arrowed line and finding support at the black line which is the 40-day moving average.

We mentioned yesterday if we did not find support at our trend line that the next target would be around the previous lows from a week ago at 7.69 and todays low came within 4 cents of that low.

Additional chart support is at 7.69, that’s 14 cents below todays close with current overhead resistance at 8.10.

July Corn Chart

Corn prices today fell sharply and tested chart support where our uptrend line comes into play and also our 40-day moving average.

If that doesn’t hold the next level of chart support will be last week’s lows at 7.69 per bushel.

We think that the long-term trend will remain up but in the short-term additional back and forth choppy trade is certainly possible.

July Corn Chart

Today was an inside day, meaning we did not take out yesterday’s high or low. It was a day of consolidation with prices slightly lower.

Overall, the long-term trend, intermediate trend, and the short-term trend is up.   

There is no sign of topping action in the corn market as of today with the next level of overhead resistance at the highs posted 2.5 weeks ago at 8.24.                                                                                                            

U.S. Corn Ending Stocks

Our current year crop stock was unchanged at 1.44 billion bushels.

New crop stocks estimated at 1.36 but this was well above what the trade was expecting and considered lightly negative.

It is projected that this year’s stocks will be in the 1.1-1.2 billon range, if that’s true that will be the lowest going back to the drought years following 2012.

July Corn Chart

Corns prices found chart support early this week down at the 40-day moving average and where our uptrend line comes into play.

Today markets bounced back down and testing that level again.

We can’t rule out the market testing this week’s lows at 7.69 but overall, we are not looking for a bearish trend to develop.

July Corn Chart

The corn chart has turned higher, stabilized yesterday and turned higher today. This was enough to turn the technical indicators higher.

We do have a crop report tomorrow that could provide some surprises. But the chart and technical indicators do indicate some bottoming action and the potential for higher prices.