Closing Market Comments June 29, 2022

Today’s Prices

Grain prices finished mixed today with USDA scheduled to release its quarterly grains stock and planted acreage report tomorrow morning.

Grain Market News

2022 Planted Acreage

Weekly Ethanol Production

Todays numbers included 2 weeks of data since last week the EIA did not release ethanol production numbers.

Bottom line is that ethanol production this week at 1.051 million barrels per day, down fractionally from last week but still at the level needed

Weekly Stocks of Fuel Ethanol

Stocks of fuel ethanol were down to 22.689 million barrels, that is up from last year but the strong demand for ethanol likely going to keep our stocks steady or lower.

We will likely be above the red line, which is last years numbers.

Grain Market News

3-Day Observed Precipitation

7-Day Observed Precipitation

14-Day Observed Precipitation

Today’s Conditions

7-Day Precipitation Forecast

Temperature Outlook

The 6–10-day forecast shows above normal temperatures, in fact major heat in the plains. 8-14 day shows conditions continuing to be above normal across the entire corn and bean belt.As we mentioned as that ridge builds to the north further and further it pushes the Jetstream to the north, and we could get some significant rains across the northern belt in the 6-10 day and then the northern and eastern belt in the 8-14 day.That’s what we really need to keep crops from seeing significant stress.

EU Model

September Corn Chart

Corn prices continue to consolidate, almost for a week now, near the lower end of the range.

One item that is interesting is that the prices coming into the report near the low, that means a lot of people have already been aggressively selling.

This could mean it is a little more difficult getting a bearish reaction to the report when many traders have already been selling.

Corn prices remained stuck near chart support; technical indicators are oversold but as of today we see no significant break out to the upside.

September Soybean Chart

Soybean prices have bounced significantly off the lows, in fact today’s high shows soybeans have bounced 79 cents from the low established on Friday.

This was enough to turn the chart and the technical up with no sign of any topping action.

September KC Wheat Chart

Wheat prices still in a sharp downtrend, but we are seeing some hints of some bottoming action from the chart and the technical indicators.

Certainly, the markets are hinting of a possibility that we are finding some bottoming action.

We expect this market to easily trade somewhere between the 10.90-11.19 level over the next few weeks.

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